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LiveScan FAQ's/Fees



LiveScan Fees


Life Sines standard fee for Live Scan fingerprinting is:


·         $30.00 – on-site 


·         $40.00 – mobile ( 10 MILE RADIUS)


·         $55.00 – mobile ( 20 MILE RADIUS)


Additional Fees may be required depending on the Level of Service your employer/agency is requesting. For Example: Applicants whose level of service is DOJ, total fees include $30.00 + $32.00 = $62.00.

• California Department of Justice (DOJ): $32.00
• Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI): $17.00
• Child Index (CHI): $15.00
• Department of Social Services (DSS): $10.00
• Firearm Fee: $38.00




The agencies requesting your clearance should provide you with the proper Livescan form. The Livescan office DOES NOT provide this form. Items you will need to bring include:


·         Valid Driver License (any state in the United States), or


·         Valid California Identification Card, or 


·         Valid passport with current Visa


·         “Request for Livescan Form” and cash, debit card or check (made payable to Life Sines). NO CREDIT CARDS.


NOTE: A temporary license (DMV paper printout) is NOT a valid form of identification.


FAQS about LiveScan…


What is the Live Scan Fingerprinting Process?
The Livescan Operator will enter your information from the Live Scan Request Form into the computer and capture your fingerprint images. The captured information is immediately transmitted to the California Department of Justice (DOJ) over a secured data line. The Livescan Operator will then give you two (2) copies of the Livescan Request Form after the prints are taken. Return one (1) of those copies to the agency that has requested the Livescan. The other copy is for your records.

I have been fingerprinted before with a different Agency/Employer. My prints are in the System. May I use those results?
No. The Department of Justice requires that each applicant be re-fingerprinted with every new application for employment. For your privacy and protection, personal background information cannot be shared between agencies.


May I get Live Scan Fingerprinting done at a different agency?
YES. You may go to any Live Scan agency that can transmit to the Department of Justice, electronically.


May I get a copy of my fingerprints?
No. We do not print copies of the fingerprints; no hardcopy is supplied.

What should I do if I get a rejection notice?
If you had your Live Scan done with our agency, contact us or walk-in so that we can re-take your fingerprints. Bring the Rejection Notice and the new, completed Live Scan Request Form. THERE WILL BE NO ADDITIONAL FEE FOR THIS RE-SUBMISSION.



Notary fee


Notary is available by appointment only. Please call Mack Carter (562) 448-4161. Notary Services are $15 per signature — Life Sines serves the general public.



Billing Number


If you have a Billing Number on your form, then you will only have to pay the Rolling Fee. The other government fees will be paid by your Requesting Agency or Employer. So if you want to save money on your Live Scan, try to see if you can get that billing number!



Phone: (562) 448-4161, MESSAGE (562) 618-4718

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